Teenage Treatment

Teenage treatment


Adolescence is the period of a youngster’s life where getting braces is popular.  Teenagers are not keen about getting braces. This is the reason why it necessitate to hire a knowledgeable orthodontic expert who can get along with teens so that they will learn to know how it is necessary to have a straighten smile, how to brush their teeth with braces, and how to handle the peer pressures when braces are on their teeth. Straight Smiles Pakenham is ready to assist our teenage patients from the first process up to the end.

Dental Care for Teens

Letting teenagers to brush their teeth regularly is a tough job and full of challenge. Make up a menu where braces are the main ingredient then you will generate a frustrating dish.  At Straight Smiles Pakenham, we guide  our  teenage customers from the first stage until the last stage when braces are required of them; from handling on how school children accepts them while their braces are on and to the proper way of maintaining  clean braces.

Invisalign is the best option 

Invisalign is an innovative discovery in orthodontic care that employs aligners which are lucid and less visible aside from easily detached when brushing or in any occasion. While most clients at Straight Smiles Pakenham are using Invisalign, there are instances where Invisalign are not fit to some patients.

We are here to assist you in finding out what is the suitable orthodontic treatment for our teenage patients and we will guide you from the first stage up to the last stage.

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Invisalign Ebook

Invisalign Ebook?

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